Experiments In Feedback: Towards Spacelessness

Towards Spacelessness is an audiovisual installation that explores the dynamic properties of visual feedback in a spatial environment. It was developed in 2019 as the graduation project of Ilonis Bairamidis at the Master Interior Architecture, Research & Design department of Piet Zwart Insitute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Feedback is a self-regulating phenomenon that occurs when part of a system’s output is being directed back as it’s input, causing dynamic reinforcement or degeneration of signal.

Deriving from the case study of Athanasius Kircher’s Camera Obscura, the research dissects the act of seeing into its medium and apparatus and explores the mechanisms responsible for vision. Emphasising on the eye - light interaction, the thesis focuses on retinal photoreceptors and their function in detecting visual boundaries and spatial contrast – and more particularly the essential role of feedback between neurones and light-absorbing photoreceptors, in the mentioned processes.

Thesis available under request.


In an experimental and relatively speculative manner, the installation attempts to apply an internal biological process in a spatial environment. It uses a recording camera connected to a projector, where both devices are being pointed towards the same wall surface. This results in a visual feedback loop where the live image recirculates infinitely, similarly as having two mirrors facing each other.

The system transforms the wall into a hyper-surface, generating an immersive visualisation that oscillates between expressing spatio-perceptual characteristics such as depth and duration, to complete collapse of figurative images into self-generating colour fields. The immersive experience is intensified with the use of photo-reactive panels that transduce the movements of light into analogue sound, being played back into the room through a surround set of speakers.

Recording Camera, Projector, Arduino Based Lens Controller,
 Audio Mixing Panel, Speakers

Varying Dimensions

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